"We couldn't be more pleased with our new kitchen! Thank you so much for your help designing it... you think of all the little details that turn out to be so important! No detail is left unattended." - Fred & Sally Walker, Homeowners
Design and Remodeling

Renovations by Design, LLC strongly feels that design and remodeling go hand in hand. It makes perfect sense that even the most successfully executed remodel is only as good as the design it is born out of. Pairing them together and keeping them in house allows us to give our full attention to both. This streamlines our efforts and makes the design and remodel much more cohesive. As we proceed with a project key factors found in our process are filled in, insuring both a successful design and remodel.

Discussions help us define your wish lists, styles and finishes that best fit your lifestyle. From the very beginning we massage these choices to help you determine a realistic budget that grounds the project goals and maintains focus. We offer preliminary estimates early on to make sure we are headed in the right direction avoiding time wasted by either party.

Once we have thoroughly discussed your project, looked at books and magazines together and gotten to know you better we can begin the actual design process. We utilize CAD software to implement our designs. The use of this tool benefits both us and our customers. It enables RBD to keep a tight control over design revisions and maintain a high level of quality control. For our customers it affords them an opportunity to see their designs not only in a 2D layout but also in 3D renderings and walkthroughs. It is an indispensable tool that helps in assuring you are getting the product you really want. Our aim is to leave you with no surprises so that together we mutually understand exactly how the end result will look and feel.

Once a design is agreed upon, we move on to project management and scheduling. Before tear out even begins, a project board is developed with your unique project requirements. In order to guarantee an efficient and timely completion, expected product delivery dates and labor hours are formulated into a project schedule.

The project tasks are carefully planned and aligned with each other to encourage constant progress and minimal downtime. Proper tools and the appropriate skilled labor are utilized at every stage of the remodel. RBD maintains their job sites at all times making sure that the environment is safe, clean and unobtrusive as possible to the customer. During the entire project, lines of communication are left open and customer satisfaction is checked regularly.

Our Process

As a full service residential design and remodeling company we offer our customers true one stop shopping. We understand that a lot of energy goes into deciding to do a remodel let alone making the decisions for it. So we make it our responsibility to turn your project into a cohesive product where you need only interact with one company. From conception to completion, RBD will directly manage or execute everything your remodel requires. Please take a look at the following diagram to see our process.

*(interactive until design and design budget are in sync)


As a central hub to the home, kitchens are involved with all the daily activities of the homes inhabitants. It’s a 24/7 space that is worked hard and sometimes asked to go the extra mile during holidays and dinner parties. With so much happening in this part of the home there is a lot to consider. Fulfilling all the functional requirements is very important. When creating the design however, RBD makes certain not to lose site of the fact that a kitchen should be pleasing to the senses. We allow for visual interest through the choices of lighting and finishes and rely on textures to invoke a personal connection. Even sounds from spoken voices, kitchen appliances and activities are coordinated to blend together, adding comfort to the space. Familiar smells strengthen the sense of home. Many of them will come from meals created in our high quality work areas and ultimately controlled by proper ventilation. RBD takes great care incorporating all of these facets of a kitchen remodel so that it may perform at its fullest potential. Click Here to View our Featured Kitchen Transformation.


Bathrooms are an integral part of how we all start and end our days. RBD strives to achieve a sense of welcoming renewal in these spaces, making them a relaxing environment in which to perform all your health and beauty needs. A bathroom should assist you in putting your best foot forward before daily life begins and aid you in shrugging it off when you return. Click Here to View our Featured Bathroom Transformation.


All too often the potential of basements and lower levels as actual living space is overlooked. You can greatly increase the inhabitable space of your home by finishing your existing basement. No longer does a basement need to be perceived as a dark and musty part of your home retired to the place of deep shadows and forgotten items. RBD uses creative designs and advanced building solutions to achieve its basement transformations. Implementing creative lighting, welcoming floor plans and a multitude of innovative technical solutions. RBD will make your basement feel just as much a part of your home as any other room in your house. Click Here to View our Featured Basement Transformation

Form and function in the presence of beauty